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Individual sessions include:

Initial consultation, evaluation, implementation and assessment. Ms. Estevez creates an online portfolio with the student, teaching them how to use the computer safely and securely. In addition, students will learn how to create presentations using various tools and software. A parental consultation is included with a set of six sessions, where student progress and additional concerns are discussed.



















Group sessions include:

Projects completed over several sessions, ie. video productions, digital storytelling, and podcasting. This allows students to collaborate, create, edit and share user generated materials while working in a small group environment. This fosters development of social skills as well as computer skills, in age- and skills-appropriate groups.

















Parent Workshops:

Small group workshops will be offered to inform parents of new technologies, the latest research and resources available to those with a special needs child. Discussions such as obtaining funding, where to get additional equipment and other topics of interest will be covered. Parent's may find these workshops as a useful support tool.

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