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​"Thank you so much for all you have done for our son. You have no idea what you have done for his self-esteem. We can't thank you enough. You have given our son strength, knowledge, and motivation. You gave him big changes and power and you did it all with grace."   ​


— BA


​​​​​​​​​​" Using new applications and technologies are often an effective way to reach students with special needs."

– Jo Ann Estevez, Founder of the
Institute for Educational and Assistive Technology


I am the former director of a statewide civics education program in New York. I am also a retired New York State Social Studies teacher, a former college administrator, and a three-term school board member. My background and former positions have given me the ability to recognize and support excellent teachers.


I have known Ms. Estevez for eight years. She served as a program coordinator for several of our award-winning civic education programs. She helped mentor teachers in our program and has always been an integral part of our statewide outreach.


She also has been a leader at our annual Summer Institute for Educators, an intensive weeklong professional development program held in Suffolk County. Teachers at our LYC Summer Institute spend the first week of their summer break at an 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. series of classes and field trips. It can be challenging, but she was always able to engage her audiences. 


I have counted on her many times to lead workshops for teachers, and she has always been excited and well-prepared to help teachers learn about new programs to bring technology and civic education into the classroom.


She has shown great leadership and dedication to her profession. It is without hesitation that I recommend
Ms. Estevez.


— Eileen G.


"You are the sweetest, most thoughtful, genuine person and teacher I have ever met. You may just be a teacher in everyone else's mind, but in mine you are a life saver. From the first day we met, I knew that you were different. I have never met a teacher who has the type of dedication that you have for your students. When I am around you, my stress levels go down tremendously. I know that whatever I need to get done, I will be able to but not in a stressful manner. You always believed in me and thought that I could get to where I need to. You always had my back and had my best interest at heart. I want you to know that my favorite memories of ninth grade consisted of the classes that I had with you. Thank You!!"




The founder, Jo Ann Estevez, BS, MS, NYS LATS, has been teaching students with special needs for the past three decades. She has been using technology with her students in local school districts on Long Island, New York. As an Assistive Technology Specialist, at the Jericho School District, Ms. Estevez has instructed students, teachers, and parents on new technologies. With over thirty years of experience Ms. Estevez has learned how to work consistently and gradually as not to overwhelm her students when introducing new ideas. This enables the students to  grasp the concepts and apply them appropriately. Each student works at his or her own level of ability and creativity to produce results. She creates student-focused instructional strategies to promote independent learning. Ms. Estevez creates an environment which allows the special needs student to thrive where productivity is limitless.

Towards that end, Ms. Estevez established the non-profit Institute for Educational and Assistive Technology, to better serve the independent learner and their parents, and to better serve those students whose needs are beyond the scope of the classroom. Her extensive knowledge and experience with assistive technology makes her an excellent resource: from evaluating students, creating an action plan, utilizing the best assistive tools, and even finding funding if needed.


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